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Processing & Scan 2K Super 8 Color Negative Film Kodak Vision3 (Germany & EU)



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This voucher is good for development and scan of one 15m Super 8 color negative film cartridge (Kodak Vision3 50D, 200T or 500T). The scan is done in 2K (2048×1556). You will get a download link for two files: Apple Quicktime ProResHQ @ 25fps and H264/MPEG-4 @ 18 or 24fps; frame rate will be chosen as recorded or specified. Please don’t ship any films to us – wait for the printed voucher by mail or parcel. Send the films to the address mentioned on the vouchers, NOT to our shop address.

After scanning the film(s) will be shipped free in an envelope to your address inside EU only. Not for Switzerland. Time of delivery: around 10 working days.

An example for the scan quality can be seen in the left window, second blue button. It’s a Kodak Ektachrome 100D.