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The contents of the 2nd issue: Austria Eumig’s surveillance Super 8 cameras: Why robbers brought good money to camera manufacturers Spain The Malaga Connection: Retrolab for processing and scanning Switzerland TellCin S8: Carl Alder mounted the world’s smallest Super 8 camera Spain „The Queen of the Lizards“: A movie shot on 45 Super 8 cartridges The Netherlands Edwin van Eck: Spare parts for projectors and cameras Germany (Cover story) The magic titler: Dagie Brundert and her Elmo 103T Japan (Cover story) Superimposer: Elmo presents its unique mirror USA (Cover story) Bullets from Beyond: A Western with Superimposer title International Super 8 on Instagram: Filming on edge! Germany Super 8 workshops in Berlin: How to do stop motion films USA Neon lights on Super 8: A short shot in Las Vegas International What’s your next Super 8 about? Film ideas for the winter Germany Super 8 movie „Weinstein“: A ride through film history


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