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158 movie cameras that were never built. Ingenious designs that were too expensive to mass produce. Or were conceived too early. Or too late. Models that could take photos and filming movies. Intelligent design, opulent functions. Inventions between 1935 and 1980. A last look at these analog treasures before they are forgotten. Interviews with constructors and designers. Jürgen Lossau: PROTOTYPE, English/German, coffee-table book, 210 x 297mm, all 180 pages fully colored, special 6-sided folding cover.

ISBN 9783938619506


Prototypes: Agfa (3x 8mm, 8x Super 8), Arri (Super 8), Bauer (5x Super 8), Beaulieu (2x Super 8), Bolex (Super 8), Bolsey (8mm), Braun Nizo (2x 8mm, 10x Super 8), Canon (Super 8), Chinon (Super 8), Eumig (15x Super 8), Fujica (5x Single-8), Gakken (Single-8), GOMZ (Super 8, 16mm), Kodak (2x Super 8), Leitz Leicina (12x 8mm), Logmar (Super 8), Meopta (8mm), Nikon (8mm, Super 8), Rollei (8mm, 16mm, Super 8), Saraber Finetta (Super 8), Silma (Super 8), Suchanek (8mm), Victor (2x 16mm), Zeiss Ikon (16mm) etc.