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Newly made Single-8 black and white reversal film with ISO 200 for all Single-8 movie camera models made by Fuji (Fujica), Elmo, Canon, Konica and Yashica. Content: 12 meters (40 ft), running time 2 min. 45 sec. at 18 frames per second. Acetate base, can be used for projection or scan. The film is offered only including development or including development and scan. You will receive a corresponding voucher with the film cartridge, which is valid for one year. The film cartridge will be refilled by click & surr after development. It therefore remains the property of click & surr. This offer is for one film cartridge (44,-- Euro) including black & white development and return shipping costs (33,-- Euro) within the EU.


We are the only supplier of Single-8 in Europe.